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Since the beginning of the season, there have been difficulties with the frape:


-          The frape has sometimes been caught on the pontoon, or on boats attached to the pontoon

-          On frequent occasions the frape has not been hauled back out, leaving the dinghy beached as the tide falls.

-          Subsequent lugging of the dinghy over the stones on the foreshore is not good for the Club’s nice new dinghy!

 In an attempt to reduce these problems, we shall be experimenting with mooring the Club Dinghy to the pontoon. The dinghy will be secured fore and aft along the outer side of the pontoon to stop it swinging hard against the pontoon.

 We appreciate that this will use up space on the pontoon, but we think there should still be sufficient space for tenders coming ashore.

 We arrangement will be kept under review and a decision taken in due course as to whether to adopt this or some other arrangement.


Dinghy Usage


The new Club dinghy is sometimes being left in a mess.


Members are asked to:

-          Replace the oars tidily inside the boat

-          Bail the dinghy if needed

-          Secure the dinghy fore and aft on the outer edge of the pontoon

-          Generally treat the dinghy kindly!



With thanks to all members for their understanding and co-operation.

Issued by the Sailing Committee 22nd June 2017