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Members' Loyalty Cards

Members' Loyalty Cards 

A Member's Loyalty Card not only acts as a Membership Card but also allow Members to take advantage of Member-only bar prices.  

The Member-only prices are generally 10% lower than the displayed price list, which is already advantageous when compared with general price levels in the town. The Member-only prices will only be applied when the Membership/swipe card  is produced at the bar

The card replaces the existing paper membership card and may be used to provide proof of a Member's identity when visiting reciprocal clubs. 

Cards are issued by the office but may be collected from the bar by arrangement.

The following guidelines have been incorporated in new Byelaw 18, which was ratified at the 2015 AGM.


 The  card must be pre-loaded by Debit Card only at the bar – minimum load of £20. 

 No credit is allowed and no part funding.  

 No cash or credit cards may be accepted to load the card. 

 In order to obtain Member prices the card must first be produced at the bar, otherwise a Member will have to pay the displayed bar prices.  

Receipts for purchases and balance remaining are issued each time the card is used.

 Lost cards should be reported immediately to the Office; there will be a charge for a replacement card. 

A longer or more detailed report of your transactions is available from the Office on request.

 There is only be one account for family members – a couple are given two cards – but the history of transactions will NOT differentiate between the two users.  

Each card is loaded with the Member's RFYC Membership number so it can be returned to the Member if lost and returned to the Club. 

The Loyalty Card may be used for both bar and dining room purchases, but presentation of the card must be advised  before food is ordered through the till, otherwise the discount cannot be applied.